About Us

Ro and Mayette Melad

The word AKAY came about when we were so dead serious in our mission to inform and educate people about nutrition. We need to come up with a name justifiable enough for the purpose. Needless to say, it should be the heart and soul of our mission, thus, A.K.A.Y. was born.

A.K.A.Y. stands for Ang Kalusugan Ay Yaman (Health is Wealth). And the tagalog word “akay” means magturo, ituro, pumatnubay, patnubayan or in english to guide, to lead by the hand.

True enough, there is no such thing as coincidence. God has a perfect plan and perfect timing for all of us and that… everything happens for a reason.

While my husband and I was thinking of how best to call our mission, it was inevitable to look back and recall our past experiences and understand why we are here and why we do the mission. After experiencing three(3) straight years of death in the family due to illness, and being under the influence of drugs ourselves (these are prescripted drugs). We prayed and prayed and prayed that we need a way out to combat our then sickly selves.

We ourselves went through the program and experienced results the way no medical drugs have provided! We learned that proper nutrition is the key. We are what we eat and what we eat manifests in our life.

May we invite you to journey with us as we feature real people who experienced amazing results… Welcome to our A.K.A.Y. FAMILY! 

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